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Monday, April 26, 2010

Story of my life -___-

I was always looking for more than I had, but in the end I ended up with nothing. I thought that it was a good quality to be determined and to work for what you want until you get it and to never gives up, but when do you stop? When do you have enough? How far is too far? That I did not know.

Back on my game ♥

Sorry i have not been on here for a while, just been real busy. Im going to start blogging daily. so stay updated on my new poems and creative writing :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hurting you.

I'm not hurting because you hurt me

I'm not hurting because I'm mad at you

I'm not hurting because of the things you do

I'm not hurting from the things you say

In fact I love you all the way


I'm hurting when I walk away

I'm hurting when I do not stay

I'm hurting when I play unfair games

I'm hurting when I call you unfair names

I'm hurting from the guys before

I'm so sick of hurting... so I must not hurt you anymore.


i have decided what my blogs/post are going to be about.....POEMSSSS!!!!!
since i am a dedicated poet and creative writer , this should be a great place for me to share my work :)
YAY! im soooo excited, pleasee read and comment all of my work :D
---Boomie Uhuru ;♥


so this is my first blog... and i have no idea what to tlk about or what to post so .... idk